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Fully aware how long a day of TI is. Also fully aware of how easy it is to tell friends not to give spoilers on Skype & how easy it is to stay off social media. This is like going on Twitter during a football game & being angry at being shown a score

I did tell them I was following TI4… they told me results anyway. What can you do, right, Anon?

Furthermore I didn’t go on the stream earlier because it stopped working (it’s a mystery as to why) or I’d be more up to date. I’m allowed to be angry at that, right?

Isn't it the general rule of thumb to NOT go on social media if you don't want to be spoiled on a live event? If you follow lots of Dota people on Tumblr, or if you're looking in the tag, of course you're going to see TI4 spoilers... Just don't look on social media until you're happy that you're caught up.

You’re aware that a day of TI goes for something like 9 hours right? And that doesn’t at all account for the times someone contacted me via Skype without bothering to think “hey, maybe they just woke up and haven’t watched the last 6 hours of matches yet”. I’m not going to completely cut off contact with the world, especially if I’m already sitting around watching the tournament, just take reasonable precaution.

Also there are some people who know to tag their TI4 posts to be filtered (kudos to them). Of course I did not track or otherwise go looking through the tags manually. Typing a tag takes maybe 2 seconds at most so of course I think it’s inconsiderate when people don’t include one for others to blacklist.